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Aceware Fintech Services to set up 100 Aceware hubs across Kerala

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Aimed at addressing the issues faced while working from home, Infopark-based Aceware Fintech Services, will set up around 100 Aceware Hubs across Kerala. The company is aiming to complete the project, which will facilitate work-near-home concept by March.

Aceware Fintech Services, in a press statement, said the Aceware Hubs will have all the facilities of an office for a person to work smoothly. The hubs will have uninterrupted internet connectivity and electricity supply, facilities for video conferencing and meeting rooms. They will have capacity to accommodate 8 to 10 professionals at a time.

According to the company, privacy will be a major highlight of the hubs as each person will be provided with a cubicle. The hubs will have meeting rooms with facilities for refreshment and printing. The meeting rooms can be used for a nominal fee. Besides, more than 100 services, including micro ATM, money transfer and bill payments will also be available in the hubs.

“Aceware Hubs will help to help to address the issues faced while working from home. In the post Covid period, the work-near-home concept has been gaining increased acceptance,” said Jimmin James Kurichiyil, CEO, Aceware Fintech Services.

He added that the professionals, who have to travel a long distance to office, can complete their work by visiting the nearest Aceware Hub. The company aims to set up one Aceware Hub in each 10 kilometres in the future.

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