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Google Chrome To Remind Users Of Shopping Carts

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Among updates Google is planning to add will be a new Chrome feature that allows users to keep track of the shopping carts they leave behind on various sites, 9to5Google reported Tuesday (May 18).

Those who have shopped on a retailer’s site will be able to look at their shopping carts and be reminded of them on their New Tab page, the report stated. The feature uses browsing history and is only stored on one device.

Users will be able to pick up where they left off in terms of shopping on retail sites, according to the report. The feature will also show users what discounts are available.

The tech giant will also be adding support for linking loyalty programs for merchants to users’ Google accounts. That way, users will be able to see the best prices available for various items, the report stated.

There was no specific date regarding when the features would be available, according to the report.

Google also announced Tuesday that it will be rolling out a new suite of updated features, including maps and photos, as it attempts to keep up with the new digital focus in the world brought on by the pandemic, PYMNTS reported.

The announcement was made during Google’s I/O developer conference and demonstrates the company’s desire to bolster its smartwatch efforts. Currently, there is competition in that arena from rivals like Apple and Microsoft.

The updates will also display Google’s aptitude in working with artificial intelligence (AI), allowing users to stay connected through the tech titan’s ad-supported or paid services for shopping, communication and entertainment.

Fitbit and Samsung will operate Google’s smartwatch operating system. Those companies both used their own systems for years and may be able to coax a bigger developer base to Google overall.



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