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Stocks to watch under a Biden presidency

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Stocks to watch under a Biden presidency

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Good morning. It’s official: Janet Yellen has been confirmed as the next Treasury Secretary, a familiar face for investors. Alas, U.S. futures are under pressure this morning ahead of a big earnings day. Microsoft, Visa and Johnson & Johnson all report in the coming hours.

In today’s essay, I’m trying something different. A wealth management pro joins us to share five stocks to watch under the Biden presidency.

But first, let’s see what’s moving the markets.

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Turning a blue wave into a green one

It’s a new year, and so I’d like to try something different in this space every now and then. As such, I plan to feature the smart thinking of some investment pros whose markets analysis has caught my eye.

And that brings me to Bryan Lee, chief investment officer at California-based Blue Zone Wealth Advisors. Lee shares some suggestions for your portfolio in this essay, which I’ve edited slightly for brevity:

5 Stocks That Could Thrive Under A Biden Presidency

Determining which companies offer the best investment promise under a Biden presidency is a current priority for all of us hoping to reap profits, to invest for retirement, to enjoy the future we know will eventually bring the opportunity to socialize, travel, and freely enjoy our favorite pastimes once more. Let’s take a look at five of the stocks that could be most likely to thrive under Joe Biden as America’s chief executive. 


Air Products & Chemicals will help power the green economy with its large presence in hydrogen domestically and globally. Growth, profitability and stability are three reasons to invest in air products. 

APD provides reliable syngas supply to customers. This allows the production of high-value products from low-value feedstock. The company maintains gasification projects around the globe, reaping highly secure returns via carefully selected customers and stellar project execution. Gasification, carbon capture and hydrogen are in demand as America, and the world, go green.

Two top reasons APD shows promise in the global market are the desire by countries with massive coal reserves to reduce imported oil dependence and the focus of natural gas rich countries: converting this resource to liquid fuel or other valuable chemicals. Additionally, in order to remain profitable, refineries must pursue efficiency by converting low-value heavy residues to usable products. 

Hydrogen powered vehicles are seeing an exponential increase in interest. APD is taking the lead in hydrogen fueling infrastructure and hydrogen energy services and equipment. Biden presidency priorities, already declared by the administration, are green energy and the promotion of industry practices like these that will lessen pollution and reduce climate change.


Vaccine rollout will continue to be a priority well into 2021. Future science research and development to mute or stem the current, and any future global pandemics, will be the focus throughout the Biden presidency. Increased funding will be fueled to companies based on pharma and biotech research for some years to come. TMO specializes in services to top researchers. Thermo Fisher Scientific is definitely a stock to watch, according to many investment specialists.


The company gained notoriety for its focus on cybersecurity for the Biden administration following the SolarWinds hack. The company specializes in identity management and access to the cloud. The cloud security business is booming as more and more Americans work from home. That spells success for those in the business of protecting information stored and transferred in this manner. OKTA has become a dominant vendor in the field; it’s a currently promising choice for investors.


A provider of the software the government is using for management of patient data on the vaccine front, CRM is gaining attention and a well-deserved reputation for leading the way in customer relationship management. CRM systems help companies efficiently manage customer data; an unquestionably essential function for any business today.

CRM from Salesforce supports sales management covers all the bases. The system delivers insights necessary for effective planning and integrates with social media. It helps varied company teams communicate efficiently, stay on the same page. Cloud-based CRM systems offer complete mobility and access to apps. CRM is in the spotlight and could be a good bet for investors in 2021 and potentially through the next four years.


Alibaba Group aims to make it easier to do business anywhere.  The perception of looser rules and reduction of tariffs on China economy and the expectation of generally better relations with China promises to make BABA stock a good bet for a rise during the Biden presidency.

The company serves as a specialist in providing technology, infrastructure and marketing methods to help merchants, brands and other businesses utilize the power of new technology to engage with users and customers around the world, enabling them to operate and interact in a more efficient way. Globalization is necessary in today’s economy. As more companies seek worldwide markets, BABA stock should rise significantly.

—Bryan Lee

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Have a nice day, everyone. I’ll see you here tomorrow… Until then, there’s more news below.

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